Effectively resolve guest issues and requests

Automate and optimize staff task assignments ensuring all issues and requests are resolved in a timely manner. Make insightful decisions from data analytics lowering operating costs while improving guest satisfactions.

Guestware Incident Tracking facilitates efficient resolution of all guest service recovery events. The system automates service trend analysis to identify and proactively correct recurring issues. When an incident is recorded, departments collaborate by recording the action taken to resolve the issue. Guestware monitors open incidents and raises alerts when pending issues are unresolved for a specific time period.

Logging a Rapid Response request is fast and easy. Guestware automatically prioritizes tasks and directs guest services to where the team’s attention is needed most. When Workflow Automation is implemented, requests automatically dispatch to the correct associate on duty. Associates receive and respond to requests via the Guestware Mobile App or any of the many mobile communication devices integrated with Guestware. The system ensures no guest requests slip through the cracks.

The Rapid Response issues captured give management visibility into staffing and service delivery trends for productivity and service optimization. Response data is organized for trend analysis and process improvement. Trends often identify building maintenance issues that can be resolved to prevent future problems. Trend reports may also reveal repetitive guest requests to help the property take proactive action.

Assigned tasks are automatically dispatched using two-way communication with the mobile device of your choice. Guest service request messages contain the guest's CRM profile giving runners the information necessary for optimal service delivery. Escalation messages are broadcast to the team when unresolved guest issues require attention. When a task is complete, it is easily closed from the runner's mobile device. The Guestware workflow automation engine contains the intelligence of over two decades of hotelier input. Regardless of your hotel's operating model, Guestware can help you automate it.

Stay connected with your team. Guestware uses the latest wireless push notification technology for fast, reliable, and secure messaging. Using Guestware Mobile, team members receive Rapid Response requests, accept or decline requests, and update and close requests. The mobile application can also be used to report new issues observed in the hotel and complete proactive facility inspections.

Automatic analysis of guest experiences with the facility delivers a significant return on investment. Identifying and correcting a recurring negative guest experience early leads to lower operating costs and increased revenue from satisfied return guests.

Interactive data visualization dashboards make it fast and easy to explore valuable service data.

The Guestware report engine contains the intelligence of over two decades of hotelier input.

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