Everything in Working Order Around the Clock

Use guest service data to prioritize maintenance schedules. Guestware creates a balance between delivering a high quality guest experience and protecting the building owner’s asset and financial results.

Schedule room and equipment preventive maintenance to ensure guests experience a flawless facility. Preventive maintenance may be triggered by elapsed days since the last PM, issues experienced by guests, or room occupancy.

Guestware automatically generates work orders from unresolved guest Rapid Response requests, associate-observed room defects, or manager inspections. Work orders can be entered via the Guestware mobile app or an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) hotel line.

When a work order is created, the engineering manager efficiently assigns the scheduled work to the correct engineer on duty. Once the work is complete, the engineer closes the work order and records the time spent on it. All work orders are linked to a room or asset which contributes to the complete maintenance history of the asset. This allows a complete view of building issue trends.

When a room issue that affects the guest experience is reported, Guestware immediately generates a Rapid Response request. The system’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) reduces guest complaints by proactively dispatching room problems to the engineering team, often before the guest notices them. IVR is an important team collaboration tool for achieving maximum guest satisfaction by keeping rooms in perfect condition.

With Guestware's Mobile application, hotel managers inspect on the move.

Guestware inspection records link to associates, rooms, and assets. Inspection deficiencies may be used to trigger associate coaching opportunities. If an inspection fault impacts a guest experience, a Rapid Response Request or work order is generated to ensure everything is in working order for the guest. The flexibility built into Guestware Inspections enables management to use it for everything from traditional guest room inspections to service process audits at the front desk or restaurant.

Guestware's Inspection templates contain the intelligence based on more than two decades of hotelier input.

Automatic analysis of guest facility experiences delivers a significant return on investment. Identifying and correcting a recurring guest issue early leads to lower operating costs and increased revenue from satisfied return guests.

Interactive data visualization dashboards make it fast and easy to explore valuable service data.

The Guestware report engine was developed from more than two decades of experience and hotelier input.

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