April 3, 2018

The Ace Hotel Portland Uses Guestware to Personalize the Guest Experience

In 1912 the sophisticated Clyde Hotel was at the center of Portland, Oregon. Today the edgy, renovated Ace Hotel Portland occupies the Clyde’s historic building, carries its signage, and continues to be at the center of hip cultural experiences in downtown Portland. “We are the ‘Portland home’ for touring musicians, artists, and tech professionals; and anyone who wants a friendly living room guest experience instead of a hotel,” says Shannon Austin, the Ace Portland’s assistant general manager. “We make everyone feel at home here. This is important for guests and visitors because we love our town.” Ace Hotel Portland is a block from Powell’s Books, the Pearl District, and an easy stroll to just about everywhere in town.

The Ace Hotel Portland is run by General Manager Donald Kenney. Kenney has a history of utilizing tech to run a successful property. He also knows how to provide a professionally-handled personal guest experience. His assistant GM does too. “This is a 24-hour hotel with 24-hour guests. They make requests and things happen at all hours, so it is important everyone on our team is in touch with what is going on,” said Austin. “We use a system called Guestware to pass along property information to staff. Maybe a guest’s package is in the storeroom or a bike is waiting in the lobby, maybe there was an issue in the parking lot. Guestware is our digital diary for everything that happens.”

“Donald Kenney is the most tech savvy general manager I’ve known in my 25 years in the industry,” said Mike Benjamin, Guestware vice president. “He’s also prudent and practical. Donald learned from years of experience that being on the bleeding edge doesn’t always deliver a ROI or guest satisfaction. He knows how to use his systems to benefit guests and property operations.” Benjamin noted the Guestware system interfaces with the Ace Hotel’s HMS property management system that records guest stay information. “Guestware records and consolidates each guest’s experiences and communicates them to appropriate staff. Recognizing guests and anticipating their needs is the foundation of a great hotel experience.”

Since its 2007 opening The Ace Hotel has become a hub of the Portland community. “Musicians often drop by to play. We offer a relaxed, comfortable space where locals know they can come in to chill with us,” says Austin. “We even have a cool mystique in Japan. Lots of Japanese visitors stay with us thanks to several magazine articles that spotlighted Portland. It is a pleasure personally introducing Pacific Rim tourists to our hotel and to this great city.”

About Ace Hotel Portland

Ace Hotel Portland is in the old Clyde Hotel building in Downtown Portland. We’re a block from Powell’s Books, a block from the Pearl District and an easy stroll to just about everywhere else. Portland takes public transportation pretty seriously — you can hop a train or a bus and get most places across the river in no time at all. There are lots of bike lanes, so you can borrow one of our bikes or rent the beautiful handmade bikes that Jordan Hufnagel made just for us. Clyde Common is a great restaurant next door to the lobby with one of the best damn bars in the country. Really. Everybody says so. There’s a Stumptown Coffee, too, because in the Pacific Northwest you need good coffee. Click here for more info.

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Guestware is a cloud-based solution for hotels and resorts to optimize guest service and maintenance processes. Guestware enables staff to improve guest service ratings while providing leaders with the data to ensure that guests are happy, staff are productive, and the facility is well maintained. The company has focused on elevating the guest experience in the hospitality industry for over 20 years. Today, Seattle-based Guestware does business with select and full-service hotels and resorts in over 70 countries. For more information about Guestware, go to or call 888-50-GUEST.

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