June 21, 2017

Patricia Tate

Guestware Tips and Tricks

See all of the new features and learn how to use them by visiting What’s New on our online support center.

Recurring Incidents

Automatically dispatch repeat services on each day of a guest’s stay such as delivering coffee or newspaper.

Incident Log and Batch Update

Search more filters and quickly update a batch of selected incidents such as Work Orders or Follow-Up calls.

Attach Documents to an Incident

Attach files and documents to an incident record.

Multi-Incident Entry

Enter multiple requests for guest/room all at once rather than individually. The individual incident codes will determine dispatching.

Auto-Dispatch Update

Send an entry to a different device even if it wasn’t sent to a device in the first place and identify which rule to use so it will send it immediately.

IVR Languages and Custom Codes

Setup your IVR PIN numbers to get prompts in different languages and configure custom IVR codes.

Guestware User List and Login Controls

View all users currently logged into Guestware and provide administrators to log off accounts as needed.

Guest Profile Change History

Display the changes made to a guest profile including the user name and date.

Departure Log

Display more supporting details which enables searching by multiple search terms and creates targeted filtered views.

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