Software as a Service

SaaSGuestware is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company. Your Guestware solution runs in the cloud. This cost-effective alternative to managing on premise software provides deployment flexibility and lowers costs. In addition, our efficient implementation process makes it easy to get started. Once you are up and running with Guestware, our customer success team is with you every step of the way ensuring your desired results are achieved.

Implementing Guestware

Guestware is simple to use and easy to implement

Your Guestware implementation starts with a conference call where your Guestware Advisor gathers information about your hotel’s operating procedures.

Your Advisor creates a schedule with an on-site or online training plan depending on your selected scope of service. The training sessions cover the specific functionality and features of Guestware your staff plan to use. Once your hotel is live with Guestware, your Advisor monitors your system to ensure it is performing to your team’s expectations.

Guestware Training

The Guestware Customer Success team is always available to train your team to use Guestware software effectively. We offer on-site and online training depending on the needs of your hotel staff.


On-site Training

We recommend an on-site visit by a Guestware Advisor for any Guestware Suite implementation. Our on-site visit allows your team to learn Guestware through a personalized hands-on learning experience. Your Advisor creates a training agenda covering the specific Guestware functions required for your hotel’s objectives.

Refresher training courses are also offered to get new hotel staff up to speed or to ensure existing staff are effectively using Guestware.

“I believe that the training has helped our entire team to elevate the Guestware process to a new level, drive down problems experienced, and has helped us to more effectively manage our guest experience. Prior to the training we were not utilizing the system to its full capability. Since that training, our usage has increased 10 fold and I believe that will continue to grow. I think there is something to be said about the in class training versus online training. Our associates left the training re-energized about Guestware, and had a greater knowledge of the system’s capabilities.”

Robert Morgan
Senior Room Operations Manager

On-line Training

Remote online training is an efficient and cost effective mechanism to allow hotel staff to fit Guestware training into their busy schedules. A short meeting to learn a Guestware skill is scheduled with your Guestware Advisor. To complete the training attendees login to a web site where they receive hands on Guestware training.

Online training can be your entire Guestware training plan or used to supplement your on-site implementation plan.

“We sincerely believe that by allowing our team members who are directly working with Guestware to attend this remote training, we will definitely improve the usage of this management tool.”

Raymond Semeleer, Director of Operations

Customer Success Management

customer success management

Guestware is dedicated to our customers’ success. We provide technical and operational support such as online webinar series, an online support center, and ongoing usage and health check reports. Our dedicated team of Guestware Advisors are available to answer your questions and provide direction on how to best use your Guestware system. We also offer in-depth online and on-site training depending on the needs of your hotel.

To be properly positioned for long-term success, it is important to have the hotel’s management team involved and driving consistent usage. Guestware provides vital data that is instrumental in improving operational workflow and enhancing guest experience. We require our customers to designate a knowledgeable on-site Guestware Champion to help empower and train their peers.

Guestware Support Center

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We stay connected with you by phone, e-mail, Internet, and remote connectivity. In addition, we provide software maintenance updates to stay compatible with the continuously evolving mobile devices and messaging technologies.

Contacting Guestware Customer Success

Our online Support Center is available anytime, anywhere and provides you with the tools needed to resolve issues, answer questions, request help or review the status of an existing request. You may also browse the knowledgebase to find useful information such as user guides, video tutorials, product release news, and on-line training registration details.

You may also contact the Guestware Customer Success team by:

  • Email:
  • Phone: (206) 233-0273