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All Together Now:
Hotel Marketing + Service Delivery

All together now: marketing + service delivery

Guestware's unique hotel guest recognition system combines the marketing aspects of CRM with the service delivery aspects of a guest response system to provide an integrated guest experience management system that enables you to proactively and consistently exceed guest expectations. The synergy from leveraging the same database for both marketing and service delivery provides continuity of the guest experience throughout the lifetime of the relationship.

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All Systems Working Together

  • CRM + Loyalty Programs
  • Service Delivery
  • Reports and Analytics
  • Hotel System Integration
Optimize the Entire Hotel Guest Experience

Optimize the Entire Guest Experience

  • Targeted Guest Marketing
  • Pre-Arrival Planning
  • Proactive Guest Recognition
  • Perfect Guest Rooms Every Time
  • Exceptional Guest Service
  • Effective Service Recovery
  • More loyal customers

Get More Done with Less Effort

  • Eliminate Recurring Problems
  • Increase Staff Productivity
  • Enhance Guest Satisfaction
  • Expand Revenue Opportunities
  • Lower Operating Costs
  • Deploy globally

Hotel CRM + Loyalty =
Targeted Communications

CRM + Loyalty = Targeted Communications

With the ever-increasing costs of attracting new hotel customers, Guestware® CRM Software helps you retain your most valued guests while converting first-time guests into repeats for life. Guestware® CRM Software helps increase sales and builds loyalty by providing better hotel guest service with simplified marketing. This tool allows for shared guest profiles, guest recognition, loyalty program management, email marketing, and analytics. It is fully integrated with guest-facing web profiles, CRS, PMS, and property level service delivery to improve the guest experience throughout the entire relationship lifecycle and keep them coming back.

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Get to Know and Impress Your Customer Every Time

Guestware® CRM Software provides an easy way for the guest and hotel associates to create and manage guest profiles and preferences for service delivery and targeted marketing—so you can exceed their expectations and the guest never has to ask twice. From pre-arrival to on-property to post-stay, we make it easy for you to anticipate and respond efficiently to every guest need, exactly the way they want. That means happier guests.

Get to know and impress your customer

Hotel CRM + Loyalty Features:

  • Centralized Guest Profile Management
  • Pre-arrival Planning and Guest Recognition
  • Guest Facing Web & Loyalty Management
  • Loyalty Rewards Fulfillment and Redemption
  • Automated Classification & Segmentation
  • Marketing Analytics & List Builder Query Tool
  • Guest Correspondence Log
  • Email and Campaign Management
  • Integration with Online Reservations and PMS
  • Guest Request and Service Recovery Log

Total Hotel Guest Response

Guest Response

Guestware® CRM Software helps you optimize workflow and operations to create a proactive and responsive environment for delivering exceptional hotel guest service every time. It leverages mobile applications and devices to automate service delivery and streamline preventive maintenance to improve guest satisfaction while lowering overall operating costs. The software provides accurate and actionable guest information throughout the entire hotel organization.

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Rapid Response

Guestware® Rapid Response communicates urgent requests instantly, creating an environment where everyone is accountable to serving the guest using real-time wireless messaging for dispatch and escalation. Rapid Response provides a fast and reliable way for hotel staff to log, dispatch, and follow-up on all guest requests and incidents while automatically creating a database of incidents that can be accessed for trend analysis and process improvement. Flexible graphing and reporting tools zero in on the information you need to fine tune service delivery and improve hotel efficiency.

Incident Tracking

Effective problem resolution starts with responsive guest recognition—knowing guests, their history, and their preferences. Guestware® Incident Tracking automates and organizes guest incident information, improves follow-up, collects data, and provides reporting for overall process improvement. Replace your manual logbooks and address every guest problem hotel-wide so all guests are satisfied before they leave the hotel.

Hotel Preventative Maintenance

Proactive Preventative Maintenance

Guestware® Preventive Maintenance Software helps staff ensure that each guest is checking into a flawless guest room where everything is in working order. The software provides an efficient way to plan, record, and analyze the maintenance for all aspects of the hotel. Guestware also makes it easy to consolidate housekeeping inspections, preventive maintenance and engineering work orders under one hotel maintenance solution.

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Integrated Voice Response

Guestware® Voice Response provides an efficient way for housekeepers to proactively report room problems. It is a speech enabled Interactive Voice Response (IVR) application that supports touch tone or speech recognition to allow housekeepers and other associates to quickly report room engineering problems which results in faster response times and more satisfied guests.

Detailed Reports to Make Informed Decisions

Guestware® Reporting delivers consolidated property and enterprise reporting for quality management, process improvement, and analytics. It helps you make informed decisions about the facility, service delivery, and staff productivity to drive revenue, improve customer satisfaction, and lower operating costs.

Flexible and Scalable deployment


Guestware hosting options provide customers with a hassle-free, reliable, and secure infrastructure that is built with a modern web service architecture optimized for cloud or on-premise deployments.

Our cloud hosting offers services that moves client data from a traditional property-based server to a state-of-the-art hosting facility. This enterprise class cloud hosting delivers customer security and privacy along with economical efficient fault tolerance and reliability of cloud computing.

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Benefits of cloud-based Guestware hosting:

  • No Server Required
  • Minimize IT Support
  • More Reliable Platform
  • Faster Support
  • More Secure
  • Hassle-Free Backup

Customer Support

Guestware provides customers with access to a local customer support center that is located right in Guestware’s headquarters in Seattle, Washington. Our support center offers support around the globe seven days a week with 95% of our support calls answered in less than two minutes. This gives our customers immediate access to answers for their important questions. In addition, our support team uses Guestware software to manage every customer issue reported to ensure nothing is ever overlooked. That way, you can stay focused on taking care of your guests.

Software Training

Guestware provides personalized, one-on-one hotel training and implementation from experienced hotel industry experts. Our knowledgeable service staff has a combined 50 years of experience helping more than 900 of the best hoteliers implement CRM and Guest Experience Management around the globe.

PMS/CRS integration enhances the guest experience

Hotel System Integration

Guestware® CRM Software complements hotel Property Management Systems and Central Reservation Systems by integrating all critical guest information into a single application to enhance the guest experience. This streamlined integration is built on reliable industry standards with proven implementation results. It provides the relevant information for each guest to make one-on-one recognition a reality for every guest, not just for your top guests.

This integration lets you streamline arrivals process for recognition, link valued guest revenue and incident history, and quickly see guest placement and room status for scheduling preventive maintenance — all from one simple u4700ser interface.

Integration is a core competency for Guestware

Property Management Systems

As an active member of HTNG, we strive to develop interfaces using the methods prescribed by HTNG. Whenever possible, we encourage our partners to support this approach for integration.

Below are a few of our integration partners:

Property Management Systems

Reservation Systems