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Email Marketing

Smart marketers agree targeted one-to-one offers to customer are most effective. However, it seems this accepted best practice is rarely followed. People are bombarded with noise in the digital age. Too often hotel marketers resort to extract and blast campaigns where every guest receives the same offer regardless of their interests or stay history. Hotel marketers settle for extracting poor quality data from the PMS and blast large marketing campaigns without an effective CRM strategy in place. Guestware’s high quality data provide actionable guest marketing insights to maintain effective one-to-one communication and meaningful customer relationships.

As Guestware’s PMS integration processes reservations, it automatically cleans and organizes the guest data into your CRM guest profile database. If a reservation matches a past guest, the visit is linked to the existing profile and any important information on the reservation missing on the profile is appended to it. If the reservation belongs to a new guest, a new profile is created.

Guestware API integration with popular e-mail marketing applications makes executing e-mail marketing campaigns easy. Guest data can also be extracted for other types of direct marketing such as direct mail and newsletters.

Guestware’s guest profile database solution provides marketing departments both a strategy for direct marketing and the customer insights necessary to support it.