Bring your MOD Log into the digital age

Recording guest service recovery events in a manager on duty (MOD) log book is a long-standing best practice. The traditional paper MOD log book facilitates passing information between shifts and holds historical records the hotel must keep. The MOD Log contains a wealth of information on service trends, but when it is recorded on paper managers rarely have the time to deep dive into trend data.

Hotel incident tracking software

Guestware Incident Tracking facilitates efficient resolution of all guest service recovery events and automates service trend analysis. When an incident is recorded, departments collaborate by recording the action taken to resolve the issue. Guestware monitors open incidents and raises alerts when pending issues need attention. The goal is for every issue a guest experiences to receive a satisfactory resolution before that guest departs.

The flexibility built into Guestware Incident Tracking enables the service team to setup and adapt processes for many different data tracking challenges - whether it is guest Packaging Tracking or Lost and Found. Tight PMS integration automatically links incidents to guest profiles and PMS folio data, maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction by ensuring that the guest’s issue is addressed and resolved.