Build and maintain actionable guest information

Building a reliable process to capture and analyze meaningful return guest service information is the foundation of a hotel CRM strategy.

Guest Data

Incoming hotel data is often messy. Reservations arrive in the PMS with varying degrees of completeness and quality. Guestware organizes your guest data making it actionable for both guest service and marketing.

The Guestware guest profile is designed to adapt to change. As travel information changes from name and address to email and social media handle, Guestware has you covered. Whether it’s a new reservation or service request from a guest facing mobile application, Guestware Welcome Intelligence links all of the information to the correct guest profiles and automatically identifies your top return guests.

Web service API integration enables the hotel web site to provide a self-service portal where guests communicate their stay preferences and requests.

Guestware integration tools enable hotel management companies with different property management systems to build and maintain a true CRM guest database shared by all properties in the portfolio.